Capture the feeling and sounds of your track day with a mic’d up engine bay. Our drone will capture aerial custom shots during your runs. Two Mounted GoPros provided for your car, custom garage beauty shots of your race preparation and car for intro/outro.  Driving team’s camera cars will lead and follow your car around the track for 2 full heats to ensure we capture all of the best moments of your track day.  All of this fantastic footage from every conceivable angle combined into a completely custom video immortalizing your track day in HD.
 - Provide Two Mounted GoPro’s for your vehicle
 - Micophoned engine bay 
 - Custom Drone footage  
 - Drivers will specially shoot extended footage of your vehicle
 - Custom intro outtro
 - Custom Race prep shots
 - Custom Edit
 - Raw Stills
Please call Ryan with any questions regarding video packages: 512-567-6262 


Price: $3,200.00
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